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Saturday Mornings – Sticker Pack


Are you a kids from the 90's? Are you a 90's appreciator? Then you know all about Saturday Mornings and our love for cereal mascots. These 4" tall, die cut, hot silver foil stickers are the new thing you need in your life. Characters range from a buzzing bee, magical djinn, a fighting leprechaun, some color bird that keeps telling us to sniff things, and a bonus, super cool godzilla-like creature wearing clothes!

These stickers are HOLOGRAPHIC! (Just like your dusty Blayne's Charizard hidden away in your shoe box full of pogs). Because of the difference in material from normal vinyl stickers, each piece will seem a bit stiff and will not be able to stick to uneven or textured surfaces (Sorry Fam!). For longer lasting stickers, coat with a clear fixative or nailpolish to keep to shine and sheen.

Printed by Rockin' Stickers – www.rockinstickers.com